• Is Zumba Latin dance effective workout!I have been a die-hard fan of Zumba Latin dance work outThe good reasons are, they are energizing and pumps up your motto. Your mood can lift up and you can feel the impact of a power packed exercise after a 45 minutes workout.The secret to make this dance not just beats and music, where you are simply enjoying but not effectively losing weight, is consistent moves. Knock out your Read More
  • Jyoti is a Yoga, Pilate and Zumba enthusiast, full of zeal and always shining!The belief for many is that Yoga is designed to help achieve a healthy and fit body. Jyoti has incorporated it to attain a positive outlook in life. Simply focused on acquiring permanent sense of mental stimulation with serene thoughts and peace. A body is sluggish, slow in performance, as it lacks the sufficient Pranayama (breathing). Mind isn’t relaxed, as the body is sending signals to breathe Read More
  • Do you feel a loss of desire to be fit!Strange as the question may sound, but yes, it is a phase many people are going through silently. As the population you interact and meet, stops talking about fitness, I see evidences of their attempts and failures.It’s a history that we introspect where you or anyone in this phase has done the following in the pastTried to sign up monthly or annual gym packages as the Read More
  • What is the new element in fitness – Virtual Training!!!Mindset for fitness are through the core features which are motivation, training and community.Each demands a high level of commitment. Once you have set your goal, then it is easy to move in the direction you have desired.But sooner or later, what goes wrong!!Where do you lose it ? Break the chord !!Loose a hold on the electrifying energy to continue!!! Why are you not regular Read More
  • A digestion system conducts a very chilled exercise that cleanse to detox our colon.We escape the unrelentingly cumbersome homework on the trash that we stored due to the greed forced in our body as we became prey to our taste buds. We gain tremendously from this machinery churning the excretion, that can otherwise cause damage and threatening ailments. I’m sure we have no learning until one day, it pauses to do it’s thankless job. We Read More
  • As love starts with completing in you, what you have a missing part of your life. Opposite habits that started carving, a liking, but I hunt this new element. We endeavour to incorporate in a life that seemed good, Why does it attract us? It brings fulfilment, a newness and a grandeur’s the good in us, to improve that is not too far from us. And may also spark up and pull out the hidden Read More
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