In the process of life, I lived every moment expressing gratitude to my conscience self for the wisdom on well-being. What is my pattern of everyday!!! Well till some age I thought I must live to eat and enjoy and then I realized , is that the only limited choice I have !!! OR NOT !!! That is the Eureka that struck me, I do have a choice to be fit and yet enjoy the food.Head start from a regime, following which the interest in fitness was in me. Now I understand that when like me, individuals start work out, in pursuit of a goal. Nevertheless, the consistent practice, spearheads to a passion and improvisation to new and enduring formats, styles and levels. This is how I see, fitness is my lifestyle, not a practice session of an hour any more.With radical styles and modems I have developed TRAVEL FITNESS LIFESTYLE.
My passion for learning cultures, meeting various people and keeping fit in travel is the classic model of FITMONKZ
In my videos in his session I have used a new prop ball and that is just to add some fun to my work out, If you are travelling , you can use a chair of height 18” – 24” anytime
Or take the support of a rock in the garden. The idea is to withhold a small height in order to make this exercise work. We have clubbed Pilate with the exercise ball – (Eball), to body conditioning in this series
Focus – ABS , while we are working on the hamstrings.

In all exercise -ESSENTIAL PART: Exhale out from the mouth when you start the step and inhale from the nose when you retain to the start point


I will hold the Eball, between the feet and raise my legs high, in 90 degree. Then I will move the legs straight together to each side, Do remind yourself the Pilate breathing. This is to be done on each side in a count of 10 each and take a pause and do a repeat set.


1) Do not raise the booty from the floor so we don’t turn the entire body, we just move the lower part, below the hip.
2) To firm your body from the upper half, spread your arms side-wards, touch your palm to the floor and stretch the body in the width. This will stabilize the upper half that needs to support the lower part. The obliques work strong and you can loose the fat , love handles and open the hamstrings.


Slide up to the chair. Keep the Eball, under the feet. Rest the feet joined together on them. Place your palms on the side of your thighs on the chair and raise your hip off the chair and rest your body weight on the chair and the Eball. Now slowly twist from the thigh and only move the lower body. Your abs are tucked in your spine and the magic of this twist is that you will feel the body is stretching from the abs.


Do not loose the focus on your balance so don’t let the Eball go to far from your ankle, let the feet and rest on this Eball till the ankle , so that when you are twisting, the feet bend side-wards and take the support of the ankle bone to stabilize.
This is to be done on each side in a count of 10 each and take a pause and do a repeat set.


This is super easy, it’s to strengthen the core again and you are also swinging the arm. Simply, hold the Eball in the between the palms, easy, no need to hold to hard. Aim to be straight back open your feet shoulder width apart. Gradually move just form the waist,


1) Do not move the legs and feet to any side, they have to face straight. This time they will support the movement of the upper body.
2) let the body swing side ward and when it reaches the utmost edge, try to hold for a count of 2-3 , this is advance movement it will help you in psychological concentration too.
Variation- This will firm the chest too. I can suggest you a variation in this too. The arm can be moved side-wards, since we have done a side-ward on the feet this can eb a good add on to the arm.


Position the Eball under your back now. Lie down on the Eball and then place your palms on the ground facing it downward. Stretch your feet to the end of the room and body weight will be on the heels now. As a beginner or a first timer, PLEASE hold on to this position for a count of 30. Need not stress on any part of the body, just try to balance. As I move to the next step I don’t want you to fall or drop off your back from the Eball.
Hence, once you are comfortable seeing the ceiling and firm, then slowly raise the left leg upward. Do not fold the knees, with straight knees. Bring it down to the floor and alternatively raise the right leg. This one has to be done really slow, the pace is like this, you raise and count 2 and count 2 as you bring it down to the floor. Repeat it


Do not rush on this step as it’s a balance and the Eball tends to move side-wards if you move too fast



Lie down flat on the floor on a mat. Hold the Eball in your hand. Keep your shoulder to the floor . Move the hand to the back of your head and flat touch the ball to the ground. Then raise the hand and bring the hand forward to the sky.
At this moment, widen your feet and raise the legs straight to the sky and hold the Eball , release the Eball from the hands now. Bring the ball to the floor as you hold them in between the feet and simply bring your hands to floor. Raise the legs up and raise the arms to take the Eball from the feet to the palms and bring the legs back to the floor free of the Eball and now take the Eball behind the head.


Every time you move the Eball to the floor in the hand or the feet, STRETCH the body to the length, like you are touching the ball to the end of the room both. This lengthening will ease the spine. Your core is now helping our spine to lengthen. This I call the team work exercise I call it that, as I think the arms and legs are moving the back is static on the floor, but due to the stretch the middle body are enjoying the benefit of this drill.

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