I can ask this question – our quest for joy is another self-acclaimed aspiration, we set our position in. This new designation is a moment of pride. So ,as you look to display all your attributes, you also pause to think that do you know it all !!

It’s time to start afresh on a few elements, that will enrich you ahead, in life. Health is a passage in which you design new goals every now and then. Today, while we will talk about joy, you need not worry that fitness will take away any of the joy you enjoy.

Some starter says I want a body that fits  my lifestyle,  free of medication, disturbance and restlessness.

Isn’t this what we define as joy!!!

To fill this wish list, I am not going to bore you with a “DO NOT DO THIS” routine. As the minute your mind hears DON’T , you hate the cumbersome path of making an effort to restrain and pull away from the small moments of happiness.

Hear to what makes you happy –  I and you will make the replica of moments of happiness, but can I steal your time to just hear me on the moment of truth.

Some real tips  may seem simple to adapt, if you don’t hold tight to the existing style, patterns of joy that you live  by. The new patterns will just bail you out  from the traps of taste and urges. You will explore,  a lifepath to a better taste and timeless moment of experience.

Ill tickle your mind to learn, that consuming food that appeals, should not be refused totally. Your zeal can be turned into a stylish food rich in taste, but slim down the “quantity”.

We can indulge our plate size and heap of food and number of servings and the size of the serving spoon. Did I say “ Honey I  shrunk the plate”.

Don’t shy from eating what you desire, instead see more blank space in your plate. So, you can chew and relish the food you have served. Your mind wont force you to eat more than you have served, it’s done once your plate is empty.

This won’t compel you to finish the morsel in your plate, both, either from greed or guilt.  You can allow your strong body to a beautiful journey of life to live ailment free. Allow this very expensive body machinery  to function and digest without adding toxins, restlessness, sluggishness. So, this will also make your body lighter to sense the will to work out. As the  blood and system is not occupied in the food lifecycle.

With time you won’t be hungry or starving. Tell yourself, you   are happy and tasted the food that you deserve, not more not less.

This is the start to your quest of joy. Once you start enjoying the work out like you enjoy eating, you will love what you do, if you are not enjoying your workouts what you  have tried all till now, then just connect with Fitmonkz fitness lifestylist. You will be glad to know that this live online virtual class is specially customized for you.

You can choose your time, pay online and work out live, so you are not bored doing with a video and not doing non effective work out. Prepare to reach  out to me and we will fulfill this quest.

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