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An integrated, personalized, customized

fitness trainer Jyoti Kamaal, interacts

personally, one is to one to understand

your fitness needs, levels, goals, and endurance.

Jyoti’s dynamic workouts transforms

your health, body, and mind.

Creates desired, long lasting results to

your health and mindfulness.



Speaking of her physical and mental transformation
Tania Roychoudhury - AVP , DBS Bank, Singapore
Discovery of true inner strength
Disha Wason - Financial Advisor, Delhi
Working out since September 2020
Narrating her unique situation & overcoming the challenges
Dr Swati Phatak - Learning Support Coordinator,
Adelaide, Australia,
Working out since Jan 2021
Making workout consistent and fun for her life
Vandana Arya -
Lecturer in University of South Australia, Adelaide
Moved to new levels with workouts
Jen & Sanju -
Senior IT Management Professional & Cloud Architect, Australia
Explored innovative Travel fitness
Mamta Kochhar-
Art Mentor, Ardee, Delhi
Working out since june 2020
Dynamic lifestyle with fitness
Seema Sawhney - Fashionista, Delhi
Working out since September 2020
Dynamic lifestyle with fitness
Justine King - French Teacher, Mumbai
Working out since April 2020


Akita Bansal

Jyoti’s yoga classes are not only impactful but very volatile so you’re never bored. Each exercise is so different and effective. She pays great attention to individual needs and gives great advice every time. Since I joined her yoga classes, my stamina and flexibility has improved and I am sure it will continue to in the future too!

Working out since June 2020

Akita Bansal

PYP Teacher, Delhi

Emily Alison Bari

I’ve tried a few different exercise classes over the years but haven’t enjoyed them. So when I found Jyoti’s lessons and actually had fun whilst exercising, I was delighted.
I think the reasons her lessons are different are because she’s very passionate, genuinely positive, each lesson is varied (so no time to get bored) and they are tailored to your ability and goals. She’s also a humble person and a great communicator so you don’t feel shy saying if you’re having difficulty, and in response she makes changes. All in all a great human being and wellness coach.

Working out since August 2020

Emily Alison Bari

English Teacher, UK

Kokil Gupta

I have hated workouts all my life, but since joining Jyoti’s class online- I look forward to the fun, flexible & interactive “ my time”. Each workout is extremely effective but at the same time made flexible for all fitness levels. I have seen a marked difference in my posture, flexibility in less than 4 months.

Kokil working out since September 2020

Kokil Gupta

Sustainability Consultant, London

Nidhi Singh

I started my yoga and Pilate from 45 days.
The big lazy bum that I was, but Jyoti helped me overcome my inertia so much that I have lost a couple of kilos, a few inches and many inhibitions towards exercising.
Her personal attention with timely dietary advice, ayurvedic concoctions and homeopathic medicines have further helped alleviate many aches, pains and health issues.

Nidhi Singh

Entrepreneur , Delhi

Justine King

I’m very happy with your classes – it always goes really fast for me. I just want to improve my yoga practice and my general fitness a bit more so if you feel I can cope, you can add some more or new challenges depending on what you feel I can manage  ????

Working out since April 2020

Justine King

French Teacher, Mumbai



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