• Desire to pursue fitness Do you feel a loss of desire to pursue fitness!This question does not sound strange, arising in social conversations, as the circle you interact with, talks about how fat or thin and different our appearance is from when we saw each other or saw some nice profile pictures on social media platforms.In attempts to deal with this universal subject, lets narrate the story of our lifestyle, with live evidences of the Read More
  • Educating wellness lifestyle I’m full of thoughts, of my fitness journeyIt’s natural to have a blend of thoughts both ways.I remember crystal clear that Initially one thought was determining a fact and the other was a doubt. In our journey of fitness, we are driven to the former only when we choose to be sure of it. If we choose the latter, then the journey terminates here, it’s not acceptable the journey hasn’t even startedWe Read More
  • SHAPE YOUR BODY IN THE POOL Aqua exercise is a discovery from the idea that if you are placed in a situation as this, what best can you do!!! Many a times the reasons are A. You have a great pool and you forgot your swimwearB. You are not in a mood to swimmingC. You are not ready to swim as you are amateurSo what I’ll show you, how you can still do a 10 Read More
  • PLANK VARIATION When I have to do my plank I believe it is not easy to do it and hold or a lot the seconds.I have heard many people say and boast, they can be do planks for 5 to 10 minutes. As a beginner it’s challenging to hold for even 20-30, even as an expert, 5 minutes @ 60 seconds into 5 times, it is not at all easy to hold. I learnt new Read More
  • https://youtu.be/buvRButXjPo ULTIMATE BODY WORK OUT Fitness is not a regime, it’s a need, like if am asked why do I work out daily, I reply why do I eat daily!!!Going back to the memories, when I start to think today, where did I start from!! What workout should I do!! I realise that it is not easy to do your own workout.What was my drive and I feel how everyone can make it possible, to Read More
  • STANDING ABS PILATES When I started my first Pilates session, it was not something that I could comprehend immediately. I try to see many ways of exercise, as I was ever introduced in what was the fundamental principle of this workout. Being an Indian, I have seen YOGA for many years, as one ELEMANTARY work out The others are running, walking, swimming, sports which was a very common phenomena worldwide. Then, we saw Aerobics come Read More
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