As I’m returning from three days holiday in Goa, I love my new habit.
On my day of arrival, I peak into the corners of my villa, side paths, leading to the beach and the garden in the courtyard. My focused mind and big eyes are hunting for my small space for my body shaping impactful 30-45 minutes of my yoga-Pilates. I will eat, indulge in fun time, so where is the reason to forego my fitness. In my packing list, I select my sensuous gear of workout; this makes an essential part of my travel. Now, with bright workout gear and strong will, I park my eyes to the finest spots for my outdoor workout. My plan for my health protection is ready. I chose the Garden next to patio, the corner of the corridor and the beach. Three days surfed all my inspirations. I pull out my Bluetooth headset and iPad to play my workout music and my regular mobile to shoot my recording for my you tube channel- Jyoti Kamaal.

I need no mat, no hard floor, no air conditioning, this current surrounding of fresh air, open sky and green grass is my healthy habitation spot. So you see, with least efforts and minimisation, we are ready to be travel fit.
I’m sure this is a thought that runs in all our minds, as once a regime is set in mind, it’s the physical evidence that needs to materialize. Don’t be shy to say to your group traveling with you as who live to be fit during travel too, probably you will never find yourself alone, you may just help and abet aspirational companions, who have lost the edge of fulfilling it from a dream to reality.

So, hear is the relief- don’t think we need to be hard on ourselves, just do this stress free. I don’t wake up really early morning after the late-night chats and fun sessions. I woke up at 8 and had a glass of warm water and ran to get ready and carry my headset, iPad and phone wore my shoes and head to the garden. I must admit I wore a lip gloss and eyeliner, so I don’t look like I just woke up in my video,hehe. I fire up with my stretching, asanas, standing core shooters for 25 minutes. Then I switch to Pilate with side planks, my hand on the grass, vow I feel the burning on every move, as I also greedily breathe in and out a lot of oxygen. Sure, this was the advantage that I grabbed from the outdoor site.

Next day I chose the beach, I applied a lot of sunscreen and wore my eye gear. I luckily identified a fine spot, not too crowded or loud. Wore my Bluetooth headset, played some soft music, set my phone for the recording and 1,2,3,… there I start in my real world of good health. Under the open sky, ocean sound, sea breeze, get set start. It doesn’t bother me who is looking or staring or stopping by to see my fit regime, I’m in my Own mood and tempo, no one can effect this momentum ,as I see the waves and my body move like as if I’m a high tide , smooth wave and flowing water, we are doing our fine duet..
Yes, that is my luxury to travel fitness. Join me and relish thus luxury.