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About Me

Jyoti is a Yoga, Pilate and Zumba enthusiast, full of zeal and always shining!

All levels -An experienced, self-motivated  instructor. Start your fitness and health journey from here, successfully reach to a point. When you look back, you will notice you easily overcome all challenges and transformed to a energetic person.

Personal attention -As a wellness lifestyle instructor, Jyoti interacts in each session, that gradually augments your goals and healthy choices.

Exercises – An important note – USP for beginners and amateurs, is, we use home utility props if you are not a sure of using gym props like exercise band, ball, weights, slides.

Food -No need for hard core crash diets, just train simple eating tips and be happy.

**Enjoy your fitness journey, as it will always be alive and each destination will create a new one.**

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Healing Techniques

Yoga pranayama, mindfulness, stress free body, peaceful soul and flexibility.

The beauty of Jyoti is, she starts with your level and interests you to unlock ,in easy and simple ways. Even in a group session there is a one is to one guidance. Gradually adding wisdom of different exercise formats, upgrading your fitness and wellness lifestyle.


Physical and emotional immunity

Jyoti introduce and create a process of acceptance of Pilate an on individual level.

Jyoti believes Pilate format, contributes uniqueness to our fitness regime. Combining variations, simple to imply in our day’s patterns and stay fit with excitement and a customised session. Start to believe in yourself with wellness lifestyle instructor Jyoti.


Energy Workout

Whoa, vow, Phew, energy and fun while we make sassy fitness moves, that nurture a perkiness and zest.

Zumba has been a stress reliver, as our fitness dance of Zumba does not punch the knees ,on the floor, but stretches with weight loss and toning impact. we don’t dance but dance is composed of fitness is composed.


Special Training

Collaborating chair with weights, resistance band with wall support, exercise ball, workout on office postures,. Such collaborated trainings are a big hit with the students, why so!!!

The combination, compliments an innovative appeal to our add on / props. Whether you are gym pro, you get your desired performance, or you are an amateur, you grow with secured moves.

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