Is Zumba Latin dance effective workout!
I have been a die-hard fan of Zumba Latin dance work out
The good reasons are, they are energizing and pumps up your motto. Your mood can lift up and you can feel the impact of a power packed exercise after a 45 minutes workout.
The secret to make this dance not just beats and music, where you are simply enjoying but not effectively losing weight, is consistent moves. Knock out your body muscles and blood vessels , smash your sweat out, whoosh the energy stream, gush the fitness muse with your moves, entice the fat cells to expel their estate from your fit and healthy life.
How do you do it, sounds like a whole gambit of gym in the day??, NO, its effortless
Say for example, your hand is lifting up ( as you see in the sidestep out), though, in every beat, it is a foot that is jumping side-wards. But we amplify the hand raise up.
What have we done here !!! To supplement you stretch, in the upper body as the lower body is performing , you need to make it mighty, smack the padding on your side obliques, think you are hitting the ceiling.

The two grave topics to address are these
1.I’m sure you have seen Zumba enthusiasts, lose and not fail in their goals. The one crucial explanation is in the isometrics is Zumba, it’s not purely a dance. Full form trainers habitually get distracted to dance moves; this is the reason.
You can lose the weight if you add the energy and flush of action in the moves, if you are simply dancing, then, the results are mild. Though, the trainer or instructor is to be partially blamed for their not paying attention in correction. But not 100%. As many a times, our body is lacking the way we should really move, and we get carried away in the music and dance.
It is dance but sure needs a tough mental strength to move it to the reggae, meringue and salsa dance workouts.
2. Zumba enthusiasts have terrible knee aches, within 6 months of joining the Zumba class (that is 12 times a month- 72 classes by now).
The logic is mistaken, Zumba as a hard exercise. In-fact, the culprits, honestly are the instructors, who display vigor in their workout, during their class, as they do pointless jumping. You are excessively falling hard on your knees on multiple unwarranted steps
Totally needless, instead you do in a squat, impactful press on your booty and knees as a soft declining step. This will avoid the adverse consequences of knee damage and incorrect Zumba practice
Let’s do a good workout…Oh my where will the results go , nowhere, you will feel and see it.
I was following this Zumba instructors’ team flat abs 20 minutes work out on you tube, it had instructions on the original Zumba music , it sure flattened my abs in 2.5 months
And then if you want to maintain it, balance your food and don’t reward yourself daily, with extra calorie food just because you have been for one-hour fitness class.
Be true to yourself don’t deceive yourself


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