What is the new element in fitness – Virtual Training!!!
Mindset for fitness are through the core features which are motivation, training and community.
Each demands a high level of commitment. Once you have set your goal, then it is easy to move in the direction you have desired.
But sooner or later, what goes wrong!!Where do you lose it ? Break the chord !!Loose a hold on the electrifying energy to continue!!! Why are you not regular !! why is the zeal died???
Oh, you too, have so many questions!!, why not now unwrap the mystery chords and trace the answers.
The one reason your system loses interest, is due to the lack of consistency. If you start missing your classes, then you are bound to listen to your body which is tasting the free time and enjoying the lethargy.
So, the next time, you are ready for the fitness class, both the body and mind are inhibited and shy. Zero stimulation, with their disability to pace with the workout, reflects poor results. This leads to a total loss of the commitment.
The other answer is that the class is not interactive, the trainer is either not paying attention at all or they are too pushy and you feel you are on the edge to break.
Fitness is a mania, comes with critical facts. You have to live it for yourself, no one can do it or push you after a certain level.

You must not rely on anyone, it is your journey. But, you have to realize and accept, now that it is a new force in life, if your focus to be consistent and interest.
So, as a solution for many like you,including myself.
I’m a traveler and fitness trainer, who travels and wishes to train on fitness.
I, discovered the VIRTUAL FITNESS TRAINING model.
You can workout now on live interactive video call, with me. Believe me I have been in your shoes, I have been through this journey of being a yoyo in losing and building interest in fitness and weight management.
The reasons were the same loss of classes due to travel or erratic work hours and then the gyms were not open till the odd hours.
I had to work out as my body was urging so I started doing online live fitness for myself and conducted virtual internet Pilate, Zumba and yoga classes.
If you feel you are looking for this, then contact me on, I will interact, correct, guide and mentor to motivate you to fit your goals to practical fitness regimes
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