Do you feel a loss of desire to be fit!
Strange as the question may sound, but yes, it is a phase many people are going through silently. As the population you interact and meet, stops talking about fitness, I see evidences of their attempts and failures.
It’s a history that we introspect where you or anyone in this phase has done the following in the past
Tried to sign up monthly or annual gym packages as the marketing ad said it’s on a discount!
On recommendations of friends joined some fitness class or trainer!
Pay for some instructor and then don’t have the energy to push the levels in your classes!
And last but not the least tried and not got the results!
It is a phenomenon strangely not new and ironically you are not the first one…
So, the IMPORTANT thing to now discover is and THIS is not a dead end. You are not closed and lost with all the choices and you will not gain from holding this ideology.
I’m not being philosophical I’m being practical.
I share the same history, I can relate the trail clearly.
Since the age of 18, I understood three issues- I had to lose the extra chubby weight and flabs that was my baby fat. Need to improve to good food habits and finally I do need some change in my lifestyle.
I joined all the gyms and heard workout advice from the world but every time I joined I would gain zero result. Reasons were, people saying don’t work out too much, eat more now that you are exercising, it’s a matter of time your body will get used to this and as soon as you leave you will gain back, Phew, Good Lord, how annoying and demoralizing!
And so it was never a win win thing for me. I had poor workout apparel, gyms were far and less in choice and the food Indian household cooked it was never the choice to make healthy food separately.
Going with this till the age of 24 years, I lost not a single kg, but there was a hell killer self-motivation in me. I was ready to try anything and everything. At least I knew I was not gaining more even though the efforts were futile to lose any fat, weight or inches.
Finally, I joined a gym in my building and had a person working with me who was a part time trainer there. I had decided I will skip gym only on Saturdays else I will do it regularly.
Tip 1: Consciously, the changes that I started was to be regular and tell the world this is my workout time , even if I had to postpone a call or work late night.
Tip 2: I invested and bought two good tides and race back tops with inner wear and Nike shoes -like my hardcore investment in those days.
Tip 3: I started hanging my workout clothes in the night behind the bathroom door hook along with my morning work wear. I would eat a breakfast that has more nuts, fruits, date and oats with coffee.
Tip 4: To energize at, I would drink eat some parle G biscuit for energy and half a cup of tea . the reason I did not hit a very strict diet and over do in killing my normal urge to eat and drink, as there is always a reverse gear in the night and all that you have missed to consume 100% you will crave hard to eat it in the night as you will not sleep and the mind will be a hulk. I tried this secret to reduce the QUANTITY so instead of 4 biscuits I ate 2 or pushing my determination I would victoriously not pick the second one and stop at one biscuit.
Tip 5: No cream and chocolate cookies, no samosas, no fried namkeen, all that was a clear no no.
Tip 6: Stop consuming chilled cold water, drink lukewarm if not easy then start with room temperature. Keep a 1 Litre steel ,copper or glass bottle and drink in a glass from that We can talk about other such tips in the next blog or consulting sessions later.
Tip 7: Drink one glass of water before starting your meal, no water in between, after meal only one glass hot or normal water but please please wait to kill this time get on a call/ meeting or walk outside for 20 minutes at least. Take water only after a gap of min 20 minutes.
Tip 8: One hardship- eat your dinner early 7:30 PM ( if possible) and no sweets for one month , if you are at work or driving to work that hour carry one extra box of salad meal or dal rice in a take away box with some pickle . Keep a spoon eat while commuting back home. Its not easy but there are ways to do it, we can handle the nitty gritty on a call or consulting sessions later.


So ,now these are not a long trail I have just numbered them, with ease you can understand that there is a very small change to all that you were doing and no drastic DON’T DO this and that story, or OH MY GOD now you have to just do this and kill all your desires.
I must say the satiation in the taste palette will start recognizing that you are not getting these unwanted unhealthy components and will gradually reduce the desire. You know how! There is this secret that I will tell you
When I crave to eat the hot chocolate fudge ( which is my weakness) and say to myself why not, I rewind to think of my one hour fun and hard sweat workout last evening and the voice reminds me – You will have to do the same 3 times more, just to burn this piece of fat calorie. Why am I even eating the entire thing.
Solution – How about I enjoy the flavor and slowly eat just 3 – 5 spoons!! Then, save myself to be a donkey – not carry this fat to the gym and workout. I have to yet burn my old fat, so this new baggage that my body is not welcomed I must avoid to consume.
Trust you me this reducing the quantity is the one secret that will take you a long long way of satisfactory and result oriented work out lifestyle.
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