As love starts with completing in you, what you have a missing part of your life. Opposite habits that started carving, a liking, but I hunt this new element. We endeavour to incorporate in a life that seemed good,
Why does it attract us?
It brings fulfilment, a newness and a grandeur’s the good in us, to improve that is not too far from us.

And may also spark up and pull out the hidden part in us which adds, great value to our life.
My new love in my teens was fitness. I like myself to be thin, lean, but however I was PLUMP. I admired high waist palazzos, but unfortunately had a pot belly, could never think of tucking my shirt in. So my hunt for my lifetime love was in fitness, hot body and toned figure. With limited resource and less awareness, I was applying my tricks on ready to do workouts, in TV videos. I was highly motivated despite of failing results.I had it in me, that I will find my remedy to achieve my goal- “my true love”.

For now I was dating and trying all options available half or semi soluble. I adjusted that a good workout is not different from taking the effort to be your best, devoted to a true partner. So, I decided I will not cheat and give all I have to get what I want. I joined a gym, lost weight under guidance of an instructor, who did workout with me. She was my sole companion in the gym as it was an empty gym.

This luxury was an eye opener, that corrective and apt exercise brings your love closer to you. I now do my work out on my own, since 24 years and ensure to be true to my lifestyle. I join a class randomly but then I fire up in my inspiration, to do new formats within in my daily innovative workouts.

In travel I can do my fitness anywhere, anytime, this is exactly how virtual online live fitness class is doable. I also decided I will grab an hour from you, to lean our background and lifestyle. So we can work to suit within your official circumstances, commitments and do fitness in small ways but be dedicated to our true live, asset of life FIT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

This way you don’t lose a fit lifestyle and believe to be fully committed to your work, personal holiday, travel, or just at home saving traffic and lazy weekend hours that you just adore.

Love is all about adjusting, in fitness, we explore a new element of ourselves- OUR FLEXIBILITY, AN ATTITUDE

Join me, ask for your choice if workouts time, class from a combo of yoga -Pilate, Pilate-Zumba, Zumba -Yoga. Variation in time, from your hotel room, or home, we don’t need any equipment or prop. The best thing is dial a video what’s app/Skype call and out your headset or speaker on and watch me and start, I will see you and will correct, guide, so that you have good effect of your work out.
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