Dance and music are just not for fun it is to many meaningful only in fitness classesZumba and Pilate have added a spunk to the same work outs that we did for many years such as aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, gyming, swimming, running, walking, mediating.

The GOOD NEWS that workouts are fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing.
You can choose many modems, YouTube videos. Online sign up video workout trainers, live and on-site classes and now even virtual training.
I’m doing plenty of online virtual training to interested participants, who determined to not miss their workout. In-fact, the secret is we do online interactive live fitness coaching with me.
Here you can see in my video, currently,,, I’m on a video call, doing the Pilate with the music and my student is on a live class online, watching and doing it with me. So I’m not only watching her live, but also guiding her. Many a times this is what most people miss. They are either following videos but are not motivated or regular. They also join many gyms and fitness centers but miss their classes due to erratic timings of work. So, they don’t feel the urge to go at the odd hours.
Like I was, once upon a time, I had a hectic travel schedule and many times I was not in one city for more than 1 week so I could not join or do my work out. So here I made my own video collection and did with myself in open sites. With happy grace I had people joining me and we were working out live together. So, if you don’t find that companion or motivated work out partner here I ‘am. Come, dance with me and tone like an iron clad and work towards a sensual fit body with your legs, arms, chest , waist in a perfect shape and health. Feel the thrill in your soul with the music that can make you look hot.
We do a hard core Zumba, Pilate and yoga and give you the charm of some great mixed music of workout music, English peppy chart busters, Punjabi bhangra, Bollywood dance chores, where you can’t resist and show your moves to enjoy and burn all the fat and the loose flab, taking your mood on a high and the bodyin a form to admire.
Being a fit and an excellent Zumba , Yoga and Pilate instructor for over three years, one day the missing link of workout at my own place and time awakened the reason, to have my virtual workout training sessions
Initially, it was as simple, to start towards exploring another pattern of fitness.It turned out that as a fitness, good health and I won’t deny my desire to always have a hot body, lead me to the path of discovery of virtual online fitness trainer, instructor, coach and teacher.
I do my work out daily with myself and I use many inspirations for my good and fit health, I have my days of plus and minus of looking great and looking sloppy or a bit heavy, sure it keeps the fire in me alive. I’m now in love with fitness, work out and good energetic sessions, new fitness formats as the deep breathing (pranayama) of oxygen during the yoga Asanas (Hath Yoga), magically nurturing every cell in the body.
To tell you the truth and I assure you, that you will also comprehend with me on this – I live every day, when I do my workout and die every day, when I miss it. Thereby, I have attached myself to this new cause.
So, let’s do together a good Pilate, yoga and Zumba tromba work out.
As a bonus also learn about your body and lead a simple practical and good lifestyle.
I shall share my secrets of not giving up anything, in-fact, workout and alter some life’s disciplinary tips, this will help in leading a super fit life
You regenerate your body cells, with the oxygen flow when you breathe and sweat.
I always says, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes. (I know many a yogis who have never touched their toes). It doesn’t matter if you’re not that flexible, but what matters is to be strong, calm and patient, not reacting at non-receptive platforms and people, and acquire the art to be an observer and sit still. Diverting the mind is beautiful, you can sit in midst of the storms and still believe that everything is for the best and goes in your favor.”
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