Aqua exercise is a discovery from the idea that if you are placed in a situation as this, what best can you do!!!

Many a times the reasons are

A. You have a great pool and you forgot your swimwear
B. You are not in a mood to swimming
C. You are not ready to swim as you are amateur
So what I’ll show you, how you can still do a 10 -20 minutes impact workout in the pool
I’ll be combining Aqua workout with Zumba, Yoga and Pilates.

  1. Let’s start with stepping down and hold the steps and support your back , bend and kick forward , do alternatively and remember the basic fact breathing ,deep breathing in inhaling and exhaling
  2. Now we can stretch back and twist the upper body, this needs to be done inky wait up, do not move the hips , as we are twisting only the upper part. This way we can support the twist as we choose for the legs to be slightly bent. We and twist with firmness, really works, as we move slowly and try to hold that twist as if you are stretching, when you wake up early morning, do this and see you will move like a butterfly.
  3. Now leave the back of the steps and fold your hands with elbows in 90 degree lap. Front Palm of one hand over back hand on another , choose any. Keep the level of the hand as high as your upper chest. Now be a German soldier and raise your knee as high as you can, as you are pressing your abs and walk forward. This is slow and the water will create some resistance , because you raise your knee up and bring it down in the force of the water. This aqua pressure adds a punch your abs and the fire and legs function with more intensity in the stretch. You can see it also as an alternative to holding any weight in your ankle. In gyms sometimes you tie band weights and pull on machines or raise your feet, this is equivalent to that.

4. Add a hand movement as you push your chest outward, release the folded palm and elbow lap, to straight 180 degree hands and arms wide open. Now push the hand from the arm joint backward, continuing your 3rd exercise of walking.. we have given the body N add on to loose the back chest fat and strengthening in the muscles.

5. Stop in the edge of the pool, rest on the wall with your palms , move your legs behind and make V shape of your body. Push the foot to the back, assuming someone came behind you and you have to kick them with force. As you kick back so going ahead in the work out, instead of bringing your foot on the ground, move your leg side ward, pushing the water and then press your leg to the floor. Do this alternate sides,as you now see that you have used two pressure forces to kill the love handles attached to the back and side of your waistline. Do for a count 10 each side

6. Change the action in the same position, now do mountain climbers and kick leg only backward , simply use the force of your shoulder that is relying in the pool wall and the leg moving in the water to burn the stagnant fat in this area.

7. This is altered by folding the knee and raising sideways to to again hit in the muffins, I love the blueberry muffins to eat, but nothing doing to allow them hanging in my waist, sorry they have to go with this exercise.8. Now turn around and hold the wall softly and ease and stretch your neck and shoulder

9. Mermaid, here I come dancing in the pool, swinging my hands, swirling my legs.

10. Hey friend, I’m dancing a duo with you you, let’s do cha cha cha with this twist , because I want to have fun and secretly loose weight too.

11. Haha it’s time for acrobatic rhythm, I’m going in the sky, from the water , here I fly, like I fall in the arms of my lover , yes the lover I have – healthy, fit and well-being life.

12. Okay NAMASTE, I’m raising my hands folded and side bend , make SURE when you raise your hands, the arms is stretching and the side is touching your ears. This is a point to always remember. Then walk like a frog and without couching forward, drop your body in anti gravity force down. As you need to hold for a slight pause and come up. This is again in alternate sides

So a good workout is here, in the pool, a great combo , so if you need to do more, repeat the steps , this is. 10 minute video, you can replay it and do 20 minutes in total.
Good healthy life is yours now and whenever , wherever you travel . Working beach holidays are more fun, no need to leave your favourite pool and hide in a gym, you can make the pool your gym

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