A digestion system conducts a very chilled exercise that cleanse to detox our colon.
We escape the unrelentingly cumbersome homework on the trash that we stored due to the greed forced in our body as we became prey to our taste buds.
We gain tremendously from this machinery churning the excretion, that can otherwise cause damage and threatening ailments. I’m sure we have no learning until one day, it pauses to do it’s thankless job. We do not know what we would have done otherwise if a situation arises when it strikes us that it’s impossible to wake up this sleeping machine.
Yes it’s a way out -Vajrasana.
You sit on the floor with your knees folded backward and rest your booty on your ankle. Join the ankles and benefit is when your lower part of the foot is facing the sky and you feel the body pressure in you heels.
The nervous system and the body is all connected, so here we are pressing tyhe nerves and sending the message to the neuro too floor . That relays the switch on via a message to the digestion organ.
Now if you see the demo u will certainly take some time to sit in the posture for a time of 30s and more, but with practice and the determining thing that you are doing well and enjoying for your health, you will be able to make it better.
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