• PARTNER UP WITH YOUR BODY I clearly think workout is not something that I need to push myself I need to just remind that my body is functioning in an automatic pattern.I need to also put some automation in my life style that supports this functionality. While we are using the body in many ways and enjoying the features of their function, it makes us happy, peaceful. Both mentally and soulful enjoy the moments the Read More
  • INTRODUCTION In the process of life, I lived every moment expressing gratitude to my conscience self for the wisdom on well-being. What is my pattern of everyday!!! Well till some age I thought I must live to eat and enjoy and then I realized , is that the only limited choice I have !!! OR NOT !!! That is the Eureka that struck me, I do have a choice to be fit and yet enjoy Read More
  • INTRODUCTION The passage of exercising has gears to walk and run on the roads with speeds and pauses. You brainwave can be rapid and go in soft curves with a soft mind maneuvering skill of . No need to jump and race. This is what these four videos in this series of exercise ball will show. I believe that most of the videos of exercises ball, do not simplify techniques. Make use of this prop Read More
  • Band Workout with fitness life stylist Jyoti Kamaal When life is getting a bit boring, I do my favourite thing – WORKOUT. I live again. Embrace the joy that I’m active, energetic, good and sporty body, transformed my useless activity to a rewarding passionate habit, trying to think how many ways of new workouts my body can enjoy. Interesting workout Seriously, why make workout an effort or a out of the system choice, we are Read More
  • Essential role in our existence“HEALTHY LIFE” Fitness is a lifestyle and we all are following a lifestyle in your gadgets, accessories and apparels. The crucial part is the one HEALTH that is not to be taken into agenda once a medical alarm bell rings.Its not about feeling bad of leaving a food or habit that your body is not longer able to bear.Its about nourishing the system that functions and makes sure you sleep well, Read More
  • Dance and music are just not for fun it is to many meaningful only in fitness classesZumba and Pilate have added a spunk to the same work outs that we did for many years such as aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, gyming, swimming, running, walking, mediating. The GOOD NEWS that workouts are fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing. You can choose many modems, YouTube videos. Online sign up video workout trainers, live and on-site classes and Read More
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