• As I’m returning from three days holiday in Goa, I love my new habit.On my day of arrival, I peak into the corners of my villa, side paths, leading to the beach and the garden in the courtyard. My focused mind and big eyes are hunting for my small space for my body shaping impactful 30-45 minutes of my yoga-Pilates. I will eat, indulge in fun time, so where is the reason to forego my Read More
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRkCVTSsoVM&t=1s Jyoti is a Yoga, Pilate and Zumba enthusiast, full of zeal and always shining! The belief for many is that Yoga is designed to help achieve a healthy and fit body. Jyoti has incorporated it to attain a positive outlook in life. Simply focused on acquiring permanent sense of mental stimulation with serene thoughts and peace. A body is sluggish, slow in performance, as it lacks the sufficient Pranayama (breathing). Mind isn’t relaxed, as Read More
  • QUEST FOR JOY IN FITNESS . I can ask this question – our quest for joy is another self-acclaimed aspiration, we set our position in. This new designation is a moment of pride. So ,as you look to display all your attributes, you also pause to think that do you know it all !! It’s time to start afresh on a few elements, that will enrich you ahead, in life. Health is a passage in which you Read More
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